College Hockey Makes Winter Wonderful

The season starts in October just when it starts to cool down, and doesn't end until the warm up starts in spring.  I've been a college hockey fan for more than 20 years. I like it better than the NHL because the players don't get traded, tickets are cheaper, and I can go to games where I live.

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2 Responses Sep 12, 2008

Notre Dame is my team, thus I follow the CCHA. Jeff Jackson has done a great job turning the team around. Who woulda thought last year ND would have played for the National Championship.<br />
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As far as who I like for the NC, why it's Notre Dame of course! And not just because I'm a fan.<br />
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Michigan is always awesome. I'm not a UM fan but I have to say that they consistently have a contender team every year.

So who you liking this year? I follow most of them but can't get them all. Completely lost out last year with the tv channels changing all over the place down here. I usually like Michigan.