Very Lucky

i have a sable white rough collie and his name is maximus. he is an amazing dog and out of all the dogs i had he is the most lovable. every day i thank god for giving me him. when i cry (even watching sad movies) he comes to me and licks me or cuddles me. my husband wakes up earlier then me and max will jump on the bed with me. he will just lay there until i get up to be let out. sadly i think he is developing hip dyspepsia but i am going to try to give him a full life. i have a swimming pool now and i heard that's great for dogs with this problem. i only have one flight of stairs which i try to make him not use. 

i would suggest anyone looking for a great family dog choose a collie



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you insired my story abour my collie boe

He reminds me of the dog I had when I was growing up, he was very loving & affectionate too. It brings tears to my eyes when I remember how he tried to comfort anyone who was sad, he used to drop his ears, give a sympathetic whimper, & put his paw on you so gently. Reading about maximus brought me back, & also brought a lump to my throat. You are indeed so lucky to have such a loving pet. <br />
Give him a cuddle from me, & tell him that I said he is a very special dog.<br />
He is very lucky too, you are obviously very fond of him, & very concerned for his welfare in such practical ways. He must really know that he is so loved.