First Year Of Guard :)

i am in seventh grade. i joined winter guard and now im in the marching season! i love color guard soooo much! i practice every day in my backyard and now it is my life! so soon! well,anyway, i just wanted to share this story because the first person i told told me that nobody cares. ugh! i thought she was my best friend! but color guard director told me at practice last night that i can be on the highschool winter guard team in eighth grade! i will absolutely join without a doubt! sorry that im adding so many !!'s im just really really excited. i know that it's a ton of work and is not something to be taken lightly because if i quit mid season then i just screwed the team over big time. but anyway.............ummm.....................we did firework for winter guard this season (2011-2012) so yeah...thanks for reading!!!!! :)
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1 Response May 25, 2012

holy crap u did winter guard in 7th grade o: i thought i was brave for doing it in 9th grade (which i havent yet, but i will) ur so lucky to have had the opportunity to do it so young, i wish i started early.