I'm Not Captain...

I tried out to be color guard captain, and I thought I was perfect for it. I remember so many times, when I would tell theguard to reset for another run thru, or try to help someone get to their place. I remember how I would always practice, and how I learned to spin saber and rifle, by myself, with no help. I'm responsible, and color guard is pretty much the only life I have.

I wasnt chosen color guard captian, becuase I cut myself. Instead, two little sophomores received the title, and now I'm debating whether or not to quit( I'm a senior). I have to go to band camp soon now, and I now I'm going to hate every minute of it. I beat myself up over this constantly, and the only releif I've gotten over it is when I work out. I even tried to get into another school, which is still working in progress...

I love the sport, but its only  a hobbie ... I'm very confused.

18-21, F
1 Response Aug 12, 2008

I say don't quit!! i was captain not what is cut up to be! It was awsome yeah bossing people around but then comes the big dogg and he/she could tell you what to do .. but there always someone better then you always someone that can beat you but you have to be happy with your self for getting involded!! <br />
be proud that you in that group and not some drugly group be proud of your self!! <br />