I Deserve Better

i am writting this story to vent so here it goes....... i joined color guard in 6th grade ...... i wasnt very good ...... its a year latter and im still not very good but im better then i get credit for.... every one else who joined my year and even some one who just joined this year spin riffle and sabre and i spin swing flag with the new people..... if that isnt bad enough i acctually had a solo........ then they changed the entire show! and gave someone who joined the same year as me who gets to spin riffle and sabre and b on the floor way more then me a solo! and stick me with the new people doin swing flag (in case u havent noticed i hate swing flag and i also suck at it!) to make matters worse the girl i was talkin about who joined my year and still gets way more floor time then me? she didnt do marching season this year and i did  i really dont no y this all happend like this cause i have my moments but im not that bad! im really good at most tosses and i can really prefrm and get back in when i mess up! im really deticated to WAY more then at least to of the girls who spin riffle and sabre! and unlike them i hardly ever miss practice NEVER would even think about missing a compitioon and im not going to quit every time a new sport comes around! i try way harder the they do (well thier is three of them im only talking about to)and even trough all this not being treated fair and being stuck with the new peple getting my well deserved solo takin away havin during marching season a coach CRY because they thought i was gonna quit becaause they were so mean to me (thats a whole other story) i still love color guard and im sure niether of them would!welll thanks for reading that felt really good to rite! o yeah and the girl who is on sabre and riffle and has way to much floor time? she dropped every single toss at our compition this week and we got a 59 (thats a really bad score)

guardgirl4eva guardgirl4eva
13-15, F
Feb 16, 2010