Robin Williams On Whose Line Is It Anyway? Part 2

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3 Responses Jan 1, 2012

I think my favorite Who's Line clip ever is probably when they had Richard Simmons on there playing the props game. Even Colin couldn't keep a straight face.

don't think I saw it.....will have to go look it up.

It's hilarious. Here's the one I'm thinking of

I am going to look for that. I seem to remember seeing it when it was still on, but I'll have to watch it again if I can find it. Thanks

Hey, you are great. Thanks. Saves me looking for it.

No problem :).

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Saw this when it was on tv and it was hilarious. Robin Williams is crazy. Thanks for reminding me of this and given me a much needed laugh............even if it was at 2am lol

You are so welcome jacee. 2am is as good a time as any to laugh.

that's true, but then I sat up to after 3 watching more clips. That's not so good for a woman my age LMAO

I never saw this show but it ROCKS!! This was good too!

There are a lot of Whose Line is it Anyway clips on you tube. A silly show, but always good for a laugh.