What My Cousins Did

I can not even believe this happened. When I heard about the incident four years ago, I felt that this kind of thing should only belong in movies. Well, this is about three of my cousins who were all brothers and sisters. So, basically, they had to buy hens for a project that they had to work on together. So, they got 3 chicks. They were supposed to observe the growth of the chicks but they never got the chance. This is truly what is defined as "The Comedy Of Errors".
One day, my oldest cousin(male) wanted to watch the television. His favorite show was on and he did not want to miss it. He did not notice that one of the chicks had slipped out from its sleeping area and had seated itself on the couch. With the eagerness of watching his show, he sat down on the couch, unaware that he had just sat where the chick was. He did not even notice then. He got up after sometime feeling uncomfortable where he was sitting.
He then noticed that he had squashed the chick! Unbelievable right? Well that is certainly not the only thing you will be hearing today. The second incident happened on the same day. The second chick had gotten itself dirty. My other cousin(female) took note of that and decided to bathe the chick. She put the chick in the water and left to listen to her mother who was calling her. When she came back the chick had drowned. The third chick was being taken care of by my other cousin(also female). It was slightly wet so my cousin decided that it should be cleaned. She took it to her blow dyer and dried it. I think that by this point you can already guess what happened. It died.
So is that a comedy of errors or what? How on Earth this all happened on the same day is a real mystery. After this, I never trusted my cousins with any pet. I heard they got a new dog though. In that case, good luck to the dog. He will need it. Moral of this tale: DO NOT TRUST KIDS WITH SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF HANDLING! Thank you for reading this article and feel free to comment and provide feedback on this story. Thank you.
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They say about a **** and bull story. This is a chicky chick chick story

Yeah, I guess it is. :)