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My Comic Experience!

My comic book experience started after my ex had left a box of comics in the apartment for my daughter to read. I procrasinated reading any of them thinking yea.. that's good child's reading. I had no idea.

I picked up the first issue of Xmen and started reading. It was engaging. Stan Lee's magic of words and making you wonder what was going to happen.. captured my attention. I had to know.. what was the teacher crush Prof. X had on Marvel Girl? Talk about don't stand too close to me! lol. and Angel's just such a smart ***... Cyclops.. oh wow.. that's my favorite.

I couldn't put the first one down and was bummed when it was over. So I grabbed the next one. Then the next one, looked at the clock, okay.. I have time to get my daughter from school. then the next one.. then the next one.. looked at the clock again, still got time.

After five issues later and barely making it to get my daughter from school, I couldn't wait to get back and read more. I love Uncanny Xmen.
Love it.

Cyclops hands down is my favorite. Why? The way he was written. I can't help but to think that this may have been what all geeks, boys included thought the perfect man to be? Same with Marvel Girl?

Kitty Pryde was just a fearless and innocent little teen. Love her. Nightcrawler, heck, I'd cougar him. Then they wrote Nightcrawler as a raging ******* later which really doesn't fit his personality or origins in any sense at all.

Storm got thrashed up one side and down the other. So .. my love is Xmen. I have four more issues to get to complete the secret wars then that's done. Then it's what next? I'm not sure.

It's really hard to beat uncanny xmen...that.. was imagination.
favestril favestril 36-40, F 1 Response Nov 10, 2011

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Uncanny X-men is great, but I really liked John Byrne's artwork when the series startedup again. The primo run is from 110 to 176. You can find them collected in Essential X-men in B&W if you can't find the Marvel masterworks hardbound books!