Holy Swiss Cheese, Batman!

I've had a torrid love affair with comic books ever since I was small. I think it irritated my mom a little that I loved Batman more than Barbie, but she soon got over it. I've been a DC girl ever since I can remember. I have loved Batman since waaay before Batman Begins was even a thought. I'm definitely a bigger fan of the actual comics than I am of the fifty thousand movies that Hollywood has been spitting out over the past few years.

There's just something great about the Dark Knight and all of his foes. I think the thing that really draws me into the Comic Book world are the Super Villains; the baddest of the bad. I always find myself rooting for them over the hero. Their character developments are always so damned interesting. And, Batman has some of the greatest villains ever.

But, my comic book love isn't limited to just DC. I do enjoy Marvel as well and Dark Horse, and Vertigo and scores of other publishers. Alongside my true crime and classic literature, I'm always reading comics and graphic novels. And, yes, I'm going to say it, I even enjoy those Japanese comics commonly referred to as Manga.

It's not just the plot and characters that intrigue me when it comes to illustrated stories. Even though I intend to switch majors next semester, art is something that I have always been interested in and I love to see the different styles of illustration that are going around the comic world. Call me a geek, but comics have been a big part of my life for years and always will be.
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Are you just as hyped for the Dark Knight Rises as I am? I believe they're using sources from Knightfall, the Dark Knight Returns and No Man's Land. Have you read all of these?

Hey, I like your story. Mainly because I have been a DC fan for 40 years. Batman, Flash and Green Lantern throughout the 60s were incredible. I loved the artwork, especially. <br />
I also like what you have to say about the Dark Knight's villians.The Joker's history, for one. Being chased by Batman, then falling into a vat of chemicals which caused that damage to his face. <br />
I distinctly remember the old television show and the classic actors who portrayed these villians.Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, all of them were over-the-top and crazy! What great entertainment! It was no wonder it hit #1 back in '66!<br />
If enjoying a good story, in any form, means being geek, then call me whatever you wish.

Best parts of the original show were Burgess Meredith and that mustache that Romero refused to shave :p