I Love Indie Comics

The variety of art styles, stories and characters is totally amazing! Reading these books puts a bounce in my step and helps me to feel like anything is possible. They effort, dedication, love and talent that the creators have is totally inspiring. 
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I agree the indie comics are much better than the main stream if super hero soap opera. My faces are the Love and Rockets series by the Hernadez bros, prefared the Palomar stories at first by Maggie the Machanic really grew on me it's line watching someone's life unfold infront of you you really get into it

Gimme a couple of examples. I'm always willing to read something new.

The comics I like right now are:

The Underburbs
Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet
Vibe Comic (Especially for the art. That thing is frickin gorgeous)
Sarah and the Seed was also interesting and beautiful.
Jacob Thomas also has really nice comics, and some of them are featured on his website. I am currently reading through Spera which is a collaboration between him and a bucketload of other talented artists.

I forgot that the reply feature here kills formatting. Here's the list again, but with commas: The comics I like right now are: The Underburbs, Paranatural, Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet, Vibe Comic, Sarah and the Seed, Spera.

Wow, fabulous. Thank you. I'm an old underground reader. Been real disappointed lately.
These look interesting.

What did you used to read back in the day? I'd be interested to know. :)

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