I Loved The All-star Superman Animated Movie I Give It A 9/10

I know it got a lot of mixed reviews but I just want to say that I loved it! I don't know why so many people panned it, the All-star Superman comic books won a Esthner award so why did so many people slam the animated movie. I loved the art direction of it I kinda remind me of the Aeonflux stuff on MTV back in the day it was written by Dewayne Mcduffie one of the best writers in the biz god rest his soul.

I just don't understand what's not to like about it the story was solid the animation was solid maybe it's cause I am so attached to the character at the end of the movie I got misty eyed and just sat down after the credits and was like wow and the only other animated movie that made me do that was Bambi lol. Right now I live in Thailand but this will be my first nerd purchase when I get back stateside.
bushi132001 bushi132001
26-30, M
Jul 7, 2012