**** Images In Comic Books

I remember when I was a pre-teen, I used to read comic books and noticed there was a great difference in style of artwork, depending upon the genre.
Actually, the difference was more a function of artist and inker, but I didn't catch the distinction yet.

I found when I was reading Iron Man, serialized in Tales of Suspense from issue #72-to-100 or so, the artist made the people so realistic that I thought I was reading a soap opera. In fact, the artist, Gene Colan, was an expert at rendering realistic women, buxom broads and muscular heroes.

As he would jump from ***** to *****, book to book, he'd carry a sort of realism that made it all the more entertaining and believable for me. Except, it was a comic book, and I was entering puberty.

I remember becoming very annoyed when a series was started in Amazing Adventures that featured the Black Widow. Almost immediately, she was pictured stripping out of her Mrs. Peel leather jumpsuit and taking a shower. The steam obscured her breasts and most of her form, but you knew she was naked in the shower, but you couldn't see it. Guess who the artist was?

But I was outraged by the fact that her showering had nothing to do with the plot...it didn't involve the villain, advance the storyline or do anything except for tease the fan-boys. It must have worked, cause a number of guys over the years have reported being in love with her and jacking off to her image.

The series didn't last. Within a few issues, the artist was changed, and the concept began "circling the drain". Within 8 issues (8 months from appearing) the ***** was canceled.

Now, it was a couple of years after that, but Natasha was folded into the plot-lines of another Marvel hero, Daredevil, and again, guess who the artist was? Yep, he's back again.
I remember following the soap opera of that series but not being as engaged as much.
Perhaps I was getting older.

But I do remember something very distinctive about that series. Something happened one afternoon when I was reading an adventure with the athletic, muscular hero swinging around trying to save the damsel in distress. I came all over the page.

That's right, I had been jacking off in the bathroom, when suddenly, the contractions started faster than I could control them, and the book got in the way. To this day, if you look in the right issue, you'll see my come stains on that page.

But I also recall thinking about a character name Hercules who was in a leather harness a couple of years before. He was doing feats of strength and proving how manly he was, when I found myself sitting on the toilet seat backwards, reading the book spread over the tank lid behind, and jacking off. This time, I didn't hit anything but the toilet bowl, but I do remember wondering why the image of Hercules was so much more appealing to me than the Amazonian woman who was pictured along side him in some of the other pages.

If I had to guess these days, I'd guess that it might have been latent homosexuality rearing its head, but considering how badly I was fighting against it and trying desperately to grow up "right" and "Straight", I doubt that it was true.

Still, if it was these days instead of the late 60s, who knows?
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56-60, M
Nov 29, 2012