Always And Forever

I'll never grow up. It's becoming more apparent.
Any who, I can't say I'm a huge expert. I find random comics and latch on. I like American Splender, Alan Moore, Lynda Barry's comics. I think I've read all of Barry's comics. They're so amusing. They way I think is very much like a child. So it just matches me. I read her only novel "Cruddy." i thought it was great and made me want to read all of her comics. I know it's silly but I also like Calvin and Hobbs. I like those sunday morning comics. Why not? I like some of the super hero comics too. I liked X men and Batman. I must admit I did not read a lot of super hero comics. I do find them entertaining though.
I like strange obscure comics. If you want to let me know about other comics go ahead. It's hit or miss with me since I don't know a whole lot about comics. I just know I like them.
They're an artform. I like making comics too.
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22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013