I absolutely have fallen in love with the Sandman comics/graphic novels, and was very pleased to see that picture as the icon for this group. I want to buy more but since I'm a poor college student that makes it a little difficult. A friend of mine mentioned that they would like to see a movie made off of Sandman but I worry that no movie person would be able to do it justice.
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I read the first 50+ issues- totally freaking AMAZING storytelling, art, and characters. As close to great modern art as it gets.

Man, the sandman is awesome!!! I would like to see it made into a movie too!!

I recently read and heard about this series by accident. I'd seen the comics/graphic novels on shelves at Borders, but I had no idea what it was about and never really looked into it. I've been currently researching various mythos for a concept I've been developing and that was how I'd found about this series by Neil Gaiman. Looking further into it, this actually sounds like a really cool and interesting concept, as well as being unique. Being a huge fan and collector of comics, I'm definately going to look into buying this series of his.

I love Sandman too...Neil Gaiman is amazing. You should read his books sometime, they're great