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i am not a connoisseur of comics or a walking encyclopedia, but i do appreciate them and have a great deal of respect for their creators.  its the artwork.  i think a lot of the artists are underrated.  the artwork in many comics is just as good and valid as artwork hanging in galleries and museums.  i think in some cases it is even better.

lately i've been obsessed with the dark tower series.  absolutely love the art and the story.  however, according to my fiance (super dork extraordinaire - love him) i am more into the indie comics.  i'd agree but don't let him know that.  when i go into the comic book store i usually b-line to the lesser known or quirkier stuff.  still love comics though.

any comic suggestions, let me know.

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From the movie Unbreakable: "This is an art gallery my friend. This is piece of art..."<br />
<br />
Greatest artist of the 20th Century? Jack Kirby!

Grimm's Fairy Tales...The Dark knight