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I read a lot more manga than I do Western comics.  Not that I don't like Western comics too (though I prefer to buy thicker graphic novels and collections than the little comics due to value for money) but I started out on manga and it has a special place in my heart.


In Western comics, I love things written by Alan Moore.  My favourites by him are (obviously) Watchmen and The Killing Joke.  I also enjoyed Superman: What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow? but as I'm not really a Superman fan, it meant it made less of an impression on me.  I've been try to get hold of From Hell but everywhere always seems to be sold out of copies...


On the manga front, up until recently I've been reading Monster which was amazing.  Now I've read it all, I can't help but feel a little sad.  I've also been collecting volumes of Mushishi and Gankusuou: The Count of Monte Cristo but they aren't that popular in the UK so there's always several months between volume releases.


The other day, I saw a manga sale in Borders and bought the first volume of Spiral and Black Jack and the second volume of Naussica.  All of them were amazing and I hope to read more of them soon.  It's a shame that, as a student, I have so little money to spend reading all of the manga that I want...

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