I Want To Write For Dc

But first I'm into a huge project of my own. it's really the only way to get into the business from what I can tell and have read. I can't do a small story, nor did it really work to put my world into this one, so now i'm faced with building one of my own with specific historical events altered to make it.

 I really want to work for DC some day, it is THE comic company to me. X-men's great, but other than that marvel hasn't got much over DC. Though with Disney buying Marvel I really want to see them write a comic about the Sonic the hedgehog "satam" cartoon, continue the story. Dic has always been for it, Sega is for anything that'll draw more fans to the games but Disney's never wanted to back the show much. I think it'd be an excellent comic though, and there could be crossovers with the Archie "Prime" universe finally.

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Great stories write themselves! It's been a while since you first posted, but that can't stop a great story. I had a few ideas bubbling around for years; I got back from a business trip to Hawaii in 2007, the whole thing wrote itself within 30 days. I couldn't stop it! I was writing up to 10 hours a day. I ended up with over 200 pages, handwritten, and realized I had the first chapter of a trilogy! I expect the next chapter to write itself soon..maybe I should go to Hawaii again..jk, Tampa should work, ESP since I'm here already!

Did you finish your comic?

Life has gotten in the way a bit. It's nowhere near complete but it's still in the works

me too, but i haven't bought any marvel in my adult life. i still keep the old classic reprints of spider-man though