Seldom Get To

My wife had, and still does, many things with a **** but never did enjoy getting a load of *** on her face. When I realized that I knew it was something I would look forward to doing. The first time I simply pulled back while getting a *******. She took a moment to catch her breath and I got to see *** on her face. Most of it landed on her cheek and I realized that I was too close. I began to work out the best distance to fully cover her face and the best way to make her more willing. It all came together a few weeks later on a Sunday morning. She was changing from ther church clothes and was standing before me in her bra. I used that as a chance to get her on her knees and as she sucked told her I wanted to *** on her. When I was ready she closed her eyes and mouth (for some reason) and made a face as I came. I watched several shots land on her. For that perfect moment she was kneeling before me with strings on *** slowly running and dripping off her. I can't belive more men hadn't done this to her.
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Love to *** on my wife's face. She likes it too, as long as I don't get any in her eyes!!

Hot story, you have a loving wife!

Love watching my wife take *** on her face and in her mouth...both from me and from our friends...