Face ***

Mother's day morning my Guy woke up extra horny. He ate me out sooo good I cam at least a dozen times. Then he pile drived my puss so good I shot off a dozen more. Finally it was his turn and he said now I want to *** on ur face. He had me so hot I begged for his hot load. Mmm....felt so warm drippen all over my face into my mouth and down my chin..
laurapetrie laurapetrie
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add me pls

I love hot *** in my mouth and all over my face and if possible on my nipples so i can play with them while they are slippery and my hubby loves to watch that and me scooping c-um off my face with 2 fingers and slowly l-ick all the c-um off my naughty fingers into my mouth real slow, drives him wild. i don't know why all woman don't enjoy this, it is a hell of a turn on to be so s-lutty behind closed doors!. JENNY.....

Damn sum guys have all the luck - show us photos