But I've Only Done It Once.

My wife says she doesn't like it. She let me do it once in more than seven years we've been together. It was dark, and she wasn't really into it, so it wasn't that enjoyable. I had a girlfriend once who let me do it, too. She was eager and smiling and it was one of the most intense ******* I ever had. My **** was spurting *** for several seconds longer than I've ever experienced. Would love to experience this again and have politely offered any favour to my wife in exchange for this -- but she's not interested.

RandyJollymore RandyJollymore
41-45, M
2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Bummer for you. Love when my Guy comes on my face. He always has such fun. It makes me hot to c him so hapi.wondering if ur wife knows ur playing here?????

That's sweet, Laura -- and hot! Wonder no longer, BTW, the answer should be pretty obvious.

Squirting on someone's face is something you need to talk with your partner. I like how Craver 'asks' first and finds that his wife likes it. Some women doesn't. It's all about respect. :)