Haha! It's Not Funny! :p

When I first started dating Tiffany (my wife now) we decided to have a sleepover. Tiffany went to sleep early because she gets tired easy. I stayed up and played computer games. Around 5am Tiffany rolled over and was uncovered. I was instantly turned on because her shirt was far up on her chest and she was wearing little shorts. I debated if I should touch myself or not for a while and decided I would. I quietly undressed and started doing my thing while looking at Tif and feeling like a complete creeper. It felt really nice so I did not stop and planned on having an ****** in my panties. I touched myself for a while and I started feeling tingly and prepared myself to pull my panties on and rub. Right when I felt myself reaching the end Tiffany's mom (my mother inlaw) opened the door and startled me so bad I squirted all over the bed and my hands and noticed I did not stop, or pull my panties on. Tif's mom loudly whispered, " Kylie! what are you doing!"...I shouted back, while still having an ******, "YOU KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!"...She told me to get to bed and closed the bedroom door. I noticed that when I am caught off guard my ******* feel better and come faster, down side is my mother inlaw knows what I look like having a squirting ******...I cleaned Tif's blankets, my hands, and the nightstand next to her bed, after that I couldn't help but laugh.

KylieRoses KylieRoses
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Feb 20, 2010