I Love Computer Games

well, some years ago, I was addicted to these computer games. I remember when I saw Stretegy games like Age of Mythology and Age of Empires for the first time, they made me crazy. I wondered how something could be so beautiful. They have awesome music, graphics and gameplay. they make us feel like a real mighty lord. I command a whole army of heavy- armored knights and a Giant Titan in Age of Mythology. I don't play online and I don't play just for the sake of winning. I like to play slowly exploring every bit, every area of the game. 

Besides, I feel we can learn a lot from these games as We actually get to play these characters. I learned many things about ancient civilizations and their cultures. I didn't know how exactly the situation was in world war till I played Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. :)

When I was a kid, I saw games like Asghan, Blood Road Rash, Wolf in 1995, and I was darn impressed, they were the best in those times. and their space requirement was like 40 mb or 100 mb. Now it's fun to see that new games have extremely high graphics and they can take upto 20 gb of your space. lol

Now, though I don't play these games now, I have preserved their cds. I fear future operating systems won't support them.

apart from strategy games, my favorites are Max Payne 2, GTA 4 and San Andreas, Hitman, Half life 2 and Tomb Raider. now waiting for their next releases.


Look at my powerful Titan and the Atlantean Royal mouned Heroes. Can anyone dare stand against me? :)


Titan007 Titan007
22-25, M
May 16, 2010