Conando!! He Really Is Quite Generous.

This morning Conan O'Brien popped into my dream. I suspect he wanted his own reading. By the time he showed up I had 1 job and he offered me another. he was paying me to do some kind of experiment or research group. He paid me some generous hours. I meant to clock into my other job but I clocked into his on accident but didn't realize it till a bit later. I felt guilty like I couldn't get back to un-clock out of his job. Any ways he would do anything to be amusing. He'd even take feedback from people he thought were smarter than him; so he had the right kind of attitude to get better at his career, but I could tell he was reluctant to get sledge-hammered by someone like me who would tell him a lot of what he could do to wo a lot more fans over to him. I was outside of a building and he walked by with a box of cheese-its in a circular plastic tub that I had seen at Wall-mart. He was in some plain clothes when he offered me some and I passed knowing that I was about to enter a building where there was a lot of food laid out on a few tables. I love cheese-its no doubt, but they don't fill the stomach quite like some real food. I can't remember his exact reaction to this but it caused me to start to roar into laughter and I said "you're freaking cool, Conan". He fed the employees of this research group very well with expensive olives and meats before my dream flipped to a new scene. There were other foods on the table but I didn't get far down the table to see what they were. What this means is he likes to be frugal more than he likes to be lavish. (The building was too my left). But the point is that he's thoughtful when he's frugal. If he's limited on what he can do for his employees he'll try to do something for them that they like. He can and has spent good money on people but thinks a lot of high-priced things are vain. He'll spend good money on some people but usually only on the high rollers. my dream went to a new scene where he was coaching me not to let anyone tell me I couldn't do TV. I had never really thought of TV but I could tell his state of mind was that he loves doing it and wasn't ever going to encourage someone not to do something they love and won't take council to not do TV unless he had no other option.  An odd thing to note is I could feel his reaction to a post posted on one of my experience groups. I felt he was repulsed by it so I think the significance of that has to do with how the universe folds to link people together. My theory is If someone is repulsed by what someone else believes or feels but he isn't afraid of that person then he'll naturally repel opportunities to meet up with that person. If he has fear fear can gravitate a person to another person that has things in his heart that he's not attracted to. The revelation then is that I know ahead of time that the content discussed in that experience group wasn't something he liked.
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Next time you're dreaming just ask to have whatever dream someone else had and you can be swept into it.

I wonder if Conan had the same dream, from his point of view.