Conan In Sf!

Wow. what an epic event. We had gotten word that a friend's girlfriend had been waiting in line since 9am that morning; it was currently 11. My roommate and I rounded up the third leg of our tripod, twisted one up and hopped in the car. Living in the set, the Sunset neighborhood of SF, is not really like living "the city". It's more like being trapped in an Asian colored fog, but I can't complain too much: The set has been good to me. We were stressing out about tickets b/c we unfortunately were too high to actually plan that far ahead. When we arrived we saw J, our friend's girlfriend, at nearly THE FRONT OF THE LINE! We reared away from the menacing, "YOU'RE CUTTING!" faces and proceeded to pow-wow about how we were going to get tickets. Amazingly, my room mate knew one of the guys working the event from film school. So we had three free tickets, a key spot in line and with no hassle of waiting and emailing for tickets!

So now its time for seats. The tickets just give you admission; you must fight for your seats! The line moves to a small waiting area blocked off in front with masking tape. HAH! They think that will contain 3000 people for long!??! NO. With the deafening chatter of excitement behind me, you could feel the impatience grow with such a fervor that it made everyone a bit nervous to think about what would happen once that tape was cut. Once the cut the tape...IT WAS ON!! 3000 people sprinted to the front of the theater. With us at the front we scored the SECOND ROW! We saw George Lucas, Will Arnet and Chris Isaac . I made the horrible mistake of not looking behind me when Chris Isaac played his horrible attempt to be popular again. I danced...:(. First two rows stood up and boogied while the rest just watched and laughed at us for attempting to look cool on television to this wrinkled mesh of flesh and shattered dreams.

we left feeling a part of history.

twisted another, rolled up and out on Fulton...back to the set.
Judah Judah
22-25, M
May 6, 2007