It has come to my attention that in light of unexpected developments, I am in need of a nocturnal confidante. I don't ask for much: someone honest, understanding, direct, compassionate, flexible, openminded and someone who has Yahoo Messenger. I give fair warning to candidates for this position, if you are instinctively drawn toward the light - then perhaps you should not apply. For we are talking about dealing with my darkest hours and shadowy side. You'll get the volatility, the insecurity, the occasional depression and despair that is like molasses. We'll share tales of frustrations, hidden passions, ulterior motives or just frustrating customer or coworker than day. I make no secret of the fact that historically I have gotten along better with women that with men HOWEVER given the circumstances  .  .  . the doors are wide open to members of both sexes. Regarding age, normally I am kind on this note but having dealt with too many people with broken wings and scarred souls, I will accept applications from those who are in the 27-60 range. I've been too broadminded in the past and flung open the doors to every kind of useless trash and calculating predator who live strictly to collect hearts, heads and souls on their walls. So the question is simply this - who has the courage to step forward and walk the Rogue's Path?????

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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

I'm up for that, although it does depend on your time zone, location in the big wide world...Although if we are opposites (which I guess we are) that works too :)