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Sometimes I Even Have Them With Another Person

You know how it is. You meet someone and open up a bit and they reply with interest. So, you ask them a question and they answer just the same way you would. It's like you were separated at birtth or something. You find someone that laughs at the same things you do even if everyone else tells you you're crazy? You find someone else that fills their drink glass with a spalsh of every flavor to see how it tastes? You find someone else that mixes plaids and pulls it off?
dorobo dorobo 70+, M 6 Responses Oct 21, 2010

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Who are you? Would you be in a position for a brief exchange on the subjects of Wyrd and synchronicity?

Glad you found someone

I do know what U R saying dorobo, I have found a person like that here on EP. I'm so thankful for it too because I'm pretty much isolated out here in the woods. My car went out on me and I can't drive my roommates stick shift truck........heck, I can hardly climb up to get in it, ha! It's nice to be able to connect with people........anyone at all on here that feels the way you do. Thanx 4 sharing this. : )

I too think it's a shame. Do email me anytime you want to talk. If we hit it off I can give you a private email so you don't have to go through EP if you don't want to.

Thank you. Stringing words together is sometimes like weaving a piece of cloth. You only sense the design when it's complete.

You held me captive from the moment I spied your title, I adore your verbiage in this piece ...:)