Just Something About It...

I love those all-night conversations.  It is not something you can force--they just happen.  There is just something so magical and intimate about sharing a night together with another person, lost in conversation.  The evening begins and you are sitting there, hanging out and the conversation just flows so easily from one thing to another.  Nobody is watching the clock, nobody is in a hurry to get anywhere... you get up to grab a drink and glance at a clock and it says it's midnight, which is no big deal.  Then a few minutes later you happen look up and realize it's 3am and you shrug your shoulders and say "oh, well" and keep talking...  then soon you both laugh about it being after 4:30am.  And the conversation keeps flowing because neither of you wishes it to stop.  Before you know it the pink-orange beams from the sunrise are peeking through the windows and you wonder how the sun could be rising so early, because it seems like your evening just started.  You both realize with a bittersweet twinge that the magic that held the night together is about to break.  You decide to go to breakfast before you take leave of one another, and as you leave the house to enter the rest of the world the spell finally breaks.  All that is left is a wonderful, warm memory that you will cherish throughout the days of your life.

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2008

I feel the same way...once you have experienced something like that you wish and wish for it to happen again...

i remember when life was like that ... when time seemed to flow at a different rate<br />
<br />
:( i miss having that connection

i hadn't thought about it but, yeah, I love those all night nights too.

I agree, you just can't force them. And you do have fond memories and warm feelings. :)

I always loved late night dates...football games...outings with friends...now campouts... any reason to be out late at night and feel that peace and quiet spill over me.