While I don't do it often anymore, I do love talking to my girlfriend for hours on end.  We've done it many times in the past, on the phone, although not all night, simply because her husband was in bed next to her.  Since we've been together, however, we can still maintain the ability to have a conversation for hours, non-stop, whether we're in bed, or in the car on a road trip. 

I used to stay on the phone all night with an ex-girlfriend of mine.  We'd talk for a while, then fall asleep on the phone together.  That was also before the wonderful talk plans that all the cell companies have now.  It was....expensive.  But worth it.  If not for her, I may not have met my current girlfriend.

Thanks AT&T!!  lol.

vampireheart vampireheart
31-35, T
Jul 15, 2008