I love conversations that last all night. I rarely had/have them, but when I do, I'm not very good at holding information that could be potentially bad for people to know back because, well I'm tired. The very first time I ever had one of these conversations I told someone about my abusive parents and the mask that I live behind (I don't appear to be sad or abused or anything really, to everyone at school I am just another privileged rich girl, however I'm not rich and I'm DEFINITELY not privileged.) anyways she promised not to tell anyone ever because if she did my parents would harshly "punish me" for not seeming perfect on the outside which is what I'm supposed to do . . . But two days later she didn't just tell my parents. she called my cousin who I'm not very close to and then my cousin called my parents and I almost had to break my phone so my parents wouldn't see the texts I sent her and that entire night when they found out was a blur but I threw up in the street and I cried and I was left, abandoned until I picked myself up and went inside and now I've built a wall around my mind and no one knows who I am. Sure they know my birth name, "how happy and lucky I am," but they sure as hell don't know me. and now, they never will
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