Ok ppl think 9 times out of 10 they think things do mAke sense. But they don't the cause and effect solution is :) u think ppl r weird cause they don't follow the flow for ex. Change is the answer to everything the days when u use a Nokia. And someone is using a BBM. And it isn't famous at that time and no one is using BBM. And I thought he's. Loco. Y would u have a BBM and no one is using BBM with a 60 $ subscription and simply telling me it's. Nice at that time I said no way bro. Nokia is Nokia at the end everybody was using blackberry. Iam gd in making plans how do I make them I don't know like I know the time of the program that I assigned in my head and slp and wake up without an alarm going to the gym or reading a news paper which is nt relevant in my daily routine or when u want to pay ur bill and u see numbers coming out of no where and adds up calculating which reaches in thousand plus and while paying u calculate again how much while others use a cal C. Well ppl aren't weird they function differently. Functionality. Is a key to a persons achievement .
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I could talk about The Fall all night. Best band I ever heard

Nice song Dued

Plenty more where that came from, 30 studio albums, tours every year, loads of live stuff
First heard them when I was about 13 staying up past midnight to listen to a indie radio show. Bought Totales Turns for a £1 at Bacup market
Never liked it much, it was too different than all the other pap that a youngster accepts as real in this world.

Well what I wrote dosnt add up but I think I reached what I wanted to say