Maybe a Little Too Much

I love talking.  I love my friends, and will stay up to talk with them whenever they need it.  Compound this with the fact that I'm a night person, and you have one extremely sleep-deprived Grace.  =P

I've often debated with myself: could that great talk have happened any other time?  Should I really have given up sleep and the next few days' productivity just to have that deep conversation?  I rarely regret it outright, but I do this so often that it could be considered unhealthy.  I just can't ever bring myself to say no to a good talk though... I live in the moment, and it's hard to believe that the same good talk could possibly have happened at a healthier hour if I had planned more carefully.

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

True, JMO. And that's probably most of the charm, lol. Agree with you too, Caska... I think I've tried to do that before, but it didn't work out so well. =P

I think the best conversations are spontaneous. You cant just say "lemme rain check you on this one" by that time the train have thought has reached the other side of the country!

:) sometimes it's a great feeling to talk to your friend, lover whole night long... it reminds me long summer nights.. :) <br />
but don't forget to sleep! :D