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I love those long conversations that last all night. Whether it is over the phone or on line chatting or talking face to face....I love it in every possible way. I have so many sweet memories of talking through the nights. There is a magical feelings about it. You two keep talking...without being worried about the time or anything in the world. When You start a conversation with someone who you connect on many levels .....it just goes on and on. Words start flowing in along with the emotions ,no one even thinks for a moment  "what to say next",it just happens. I just love the feeling of a conversation taking a shape on its own .You just keep talking and  sharing,after a certain point  you realize that so many topics have been discussed and so many discoveries about each other have been made. Which gives you a wonderful feeling of knowing a person ...sometimes even knowing yourself a little better. I have some beautiful memories of night long conversations with some of the most interesting people I have come across. We usually start talking after dinner and gradually we become so lost in the conversation within a few hours that we don't even feel sleepy for a single moment...sometimes I even get up and eat a snack  during our long chatting/talking .......lol.... I don't even notice how time passes by until I find the room not being dark anymore. Then I look out the window and everything looks so clear,a new day has just begun. What an amazing feeling it gives you to talking through the night. And the funny thing is that you just don't feel like leaving each other even after talking through the night.....you still got sooooooooo many things to talk about. That is the best part of it...... the thrill never dies.So you keep coming back as and when you can.

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Yessss...truly a magic when you feel that spark which leads to a conversation that lasts longer than you even ever imagined of.

Feels like magic when you've connected with someone like that. It can happen any time but I think mainly in what I like to call that honeymoon perioid when you're just starting to get to know someone. But a mutual interest, common goal or vision can spark it too.

Yeah....nothing like a conversation all through the night.