Here in SoCal everybody wears or has a pair of Chucks. It is like a birthright or something. You can rock em with any style of clothing, they come in every color you can think of! Badass. I have blue, black, tan hi's! Wear them all the time. I have different color laces for each pair, and fold the sides down when I wear Dickie shorts. Everyone should rock at least one pair of Chucks, should be a law. Everyone from metal heads, punks, nerds, and old people wear them. Awesome!

EricS EricS
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2008

What do you mean what are Chucks? Look at the group title and the picture. Named after Chuck Taylor. Shoes, Converse All-Stars! They have been around since my dad was a

LoL. Everyone should wear chucks!