Yummy For The Tummy!

Well on 10/20/08 I ordered a laptop because none of the stores carried it, and only 2 online stores carried it, Best Buy or another place which due to forum rules and physical forum boundaries does not let me say... It cost about $110 more at OTHER place because it came with a mouse, backpack and headset which I did not need/want, so I decided to try my luck with Best Buy, although I preferred the OTHER place.

It all started well, when I got phone call from my Credit Card Co asking me to authorize the transaction in case it was fraud and etc which I authorized. Then Best Buy called me and asked me to also verify and told me it was being shipped that day. I was extremely surprised because they were already shipping it and that it would be arriving early next week so between 10/27/08 and 10/30/08. Then 2 days later I get an email “Your item is backordered”… Well this is what I expected at first which is why I was surprised when I was told it was already being shipped, but apparently I was lied to, or I mean they went to grab it and said “WHOOPS WE DON’T HAVE IT.” So whatever, I can deal with that because like I said I assumed this is how it would be in the first place when ordering a laptop/PC online.

Then 5 days later after that incident I get ANOTHER email “We have encountered Billing Issues.” Uhh…Why was I barely told about a week later?? So yeah whatever, I call... Well the customer services were actually nice, but lead me through a winding series of back and forth calls from Best Buy to my bank and vice versa.

First Best Buy tells me that the authorizations were denied, which was not true because BOTH places had called me to already verify the purchases. So they attempted again. 5 minus later I get an email “We have encountered Billing Issues Please Call” Oh My friggen gosh!!!!! Ok So I call AGAIN! So the person, who was nice, again goes through the same thing, and keeps telling me the authorization is denied and I said ok, “I’m going to call my credit card place… Thank you and bye.” Well I talk to the credit place and they say “We accepted the first transaction but have denied the 2nd and 3rd because you have insufficient funds after doing the first one, so it’s as if they are attempting to charge you twice. It is some error on their end because we said yes already and there is nothing we can do.” Thank god they are nice enough to deny these multiple charges with out abusing of me! And what they said makes perfect sense BECAUSE everyone had already called me to verify. So I call Best Buy AGAIN!! They tell me the same thing, and she said she would try again after keeping me there forever and having multiple people look at my issue. I even told them, my bank accepted the first one, so there is an issue on this side… But nope, the lady said “Well all the transactions have been denied, lets try one more time.” Ok so…I get an email a half hour later “Your order has been canceled” Uh… Ok??????? So I waited that whole week for nothing… Went through a series of chains of phone conversations which some I may have left out because it was so many I forgot! But Nope, I called Best Buy AGAIN!!!!!!!!! This time (you all wont believe this) A new lady tells me, “Yeah I don’t know why all this happened, the first charge was correct and should have been shipped, all we had to do was verify your address and phone etc, and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th should not have been attempted” (keep in mind that someone had called me to verify) I just wanted to punch something or someone. And I sat there, thinking and asking, “But why uh…what do I do?? Is it still canceled?” And she was like “Yep, you may re order again and everything should be fine”

Well. Hah. Yeah, fine for THEM, but I totally wasted a whole week, was lied to and still cannot even think about purchasing because its going to take up to a week for that credit to come back… And it better come back because both ends kept saying how no money was taken but my card showed I only had a little bit more credit… which was the total minus the cost of the laptop.
So I decided to go to Best Buys site, and search the laptop to save the bookmark, because they were sure quick at canceling it and all trace of it on my Best Buy account. Well if you didn’t believe the other part, check this out, the laptop is not even on their site anymore! Wow!!!!! So was all this just a lie to cover their selves because they didn’t have it anymore!? So hey you customer service, I CANT EVEN ORDER IT!!!!!!!!!

I mean I would not be so mad, but it’s the fact through all the different lies and phone calls I went through which makes me sad and why I write this. So tell me how you’re going to solve this one Best Buy? I even have case numbers from when speaking to the customer services, and emails and anything you need!
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Jan 17, 2013