Oreos Are...

...my favorite cookies. I think they are delicious. I like to dip them in milk when I have them. You can only dip them in milk for a few seconds. There have been some times where I kept it dipped in the milk too long and the cookie absorbed too much milk and fell to the bottom of the cup.
I like regular Oreos and mint Oreos. I dont like double stuff. When you have double stuff Oreos and dip them in milk it doesnt work out. Because only the actually cookie gets milk absorbed not the cream because its double stuff. I hate that because when you eat it the cookie is soggy, but the cream is hard. Single stuff Oreos are the best!
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I am on a diet, i hate to think of all the good food that i cant have right now.

i agree, oreos are great, now i want some ;-j