Cook With Me

Cook for me in my kitchen
Do not bring a pot
For what you are supplying
Is gonna make me hot!

Just wear an apron
You will not get burned
This dish we are cooking
Can easily be learned!

You have your own stir spoon
You will make me c um;
Watch the pots boil over
Feel the fluids run! 

So clear off the table
Don't waste anymore time!
Come cook in my kitchen
Let me make you mine!
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

WOW, you are hot stuff. Sweet and spicy! After reading this, my spatula is at the ready. I can think of nothing more enjoyable then to flip you over. stir the pot slowly and make you *** as my cup runneth over. Believe me Cyn, you will always *** first with me, and of course, with a little bit of of tender love and care, the whole damn feast will *** together for both of us :) I am a whiz in the kitchen, after all :)

OH - Food is so sensual ["Water for Chocolate" "Tampopo" "Tom Jones" The food scenes in Tampopo make me feel aroused.]

Hmmm . . . . what would we cook together - Sopa de Albondigas de Camaron, Rajas con Queso, Pescado a la Veracruzana. Wow: we wouldn't even get to the moles I think.

Hmm . . . . I wonder what those little critters would taste like with some chile and lime on a soft taco. Haven't seen them at any taqueria I've been to.

I will have to explain about Qaxacan Mole [mole-lay] some time. These are the most sensuous sauces one can cook.

"Like Water for Chocolate"....mmmmmmmm...HOT!