Preparing A Feast For Two

Indulge me in your juices.
Cover me in your bliss.
Counting on your loving.
I simply cannot miss...

Marinate me in your fantasies
Dip me in your lust
Cover me in your spices
This recipe is a must.

Linger and lube me smoothly
Turn the heat up higher
Turn me over and over
Don't get consumed in the fire.

Cook me til I am satisfied
Until you have taken all you can
Loved and cooked and tasted
You're such an exquisite man!

Uncork and let the wine breathe deeply!
You're such an awesome cook!
Dripping in sweet succulence
Perfection achieved..filled in every nook!

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6 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Where the hell did you learn to write like that...the imagery is.... "inspiring" to say the least. Intelligent, witty, charming and I just bet you are a blue eyed beauty. You sound like a tasty treat for any lucky man to enjoy....and I'm getting hungry. Okay, I've always been hungry, but recently I havent even looked into the window of any of those specialty shops....I have my nose to the glass right now, and I'm drooling at the delicious pastry inside...oh dear :)

The oven is hot and waiting.

Nice and spicy, and a bit sweet, too. Lovely.

Soo nice. Like any good cook I enjoy tasting while preparing a succulent meal.

mmmmmmmmmmmm i am consumed...your words.mmmmmm....your love.mmmmm..i love you..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

AWESOME sister . . . someone is feeling a bit inspired . . . great job . . . I love it . . . 8D . . . and damn I"m HUNGRY . . . hahahaha . . .