I Love Finding New Recipes From Youtube

I am not good in writing stories but i would like to share my experience in the group "I LOVE COOKING NEW THINGS"

once my parents gave me the responsibility to prepare the lunch for all. i was not very happy with that why because i usually make something different out of something and it does not taste good.

so this time thought to take the reference of how to make a "Dal fry" from YouTube  .
i prepared the same and it tasted really good.
Then i thought to make another dish of cauliflower and that too worked well.
i felt as if this is my day.!!
My family liked what i made and what else i wanted!! 

and from that day i find new recipes from the internet and try to make it. some fails LOL  but some really do work. 

Anyways, making new dishes is the best way to impress your parents and relatives.

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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I like to do it just to taste something new. Sometimes the wife and I will cook together, it is fun and a great time together.

thats so cute... a husband helping a wife in cooking is rarely seen

I'll have you know, some of those recipes are my finds, it is her helping me :-)
The new house we are building will have a much bigger kitchen. Our current is a little tight on space and we will have a bigger pantry for more spices and ingredients. We are both looking forward to the new house

Nice xperience. U know what, I am also fond of trying new dishes. May be we may taste each other our respective dish some day.

yes sure :)

Yes you are are right, Good you are getting to be a better cook. Wishes

thank you