A Struggle, But I Get There!

It's not easy for me to eat corn on the cob, due to my bad teeth. But I do get there! It may be messy, with corn all over my face and all down my shirt, with me trying my best to twist and turn the corn to avoid my bad teeth and use the good teeth... But it's SO worth it! :-D

I enjoy the corn-on-a-stick! A local fast food place serves it. It's just an ear of corn, served on a stick. Tasty and not fattening! My sister doesn't like this corn, because there is no salt or butter added to them. But the corn itself taste so good, who needs to add things to it? Well, I don't! =p

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

i have the same issues, shadow. my teeth are a mess, and it's gotten to the point where it's too painful to bite the corn off the cob, so for now i've been reduced to scraping it off with a knife and eating it with a fork...<br />
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and i don't put anything on mine either. no salt, no butter, nothing at all...it's so good as it is, all that other stuff just covers up the taste!

I love corn on the cob too - I like it with butter and a lot of black pepper - but without is fine by me!<br />
I think making the mess while eating is at least half the fun!