Hey, It's Chicken!

Haha! I love the logo of this group! Okay... back to my story! =p

I have two guys in my life with the corny jokes... Mr. Bernard and Philip! :-D

I do appreciate these jokes... it's so bad that they're funny! lol. If that makes sense! The only thing is, Philip have MANY good ones! Only some days there is a string of corny ones, but they make me laugh anyways. Mr. Bernard is stuck on corny, 24-7! XD

I never pity-laugh either... if it's funny, it's funny. If not, you'll get not even a giggle from me. Maybe if you keep repeating it, you'll get a bland, "heh"... and that's my way of saying, "Let's move on." Mr. Bernard sometimes get those! =p

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1 Response Jan 14, 2009

okey, where's the joke, the corney joke. 0_e