I am not much of a beer drinker except during football season.  During football season, in my extra fridge, you will find Bud, Coors, Heineken, and Corona, along with the light versions of each.  My friends know they are welcome to drink what they want with the exception of MY Coronas.  I have to have them just in case my team loses. I love my Corona and lime.  It is mmm mmm good.

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Corona's gross, weak mexican beer. ewww, same with coors, its weeak, might taste good but it'll take a million to get ya drunk..<br />
but the heiney and the bud are good...

Good night Ar. I will talk with you tomorrow hopefully.

I am me no matter what i do. I only have one soul or body or whatever... i am to tired atm. well no point in fighting the sleep any longer.

OOPS Cool, I didn't see your comment. Yes I have bud too. i just don't drink it.<br />
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I agree that you don't need to drink to be you.

I am from Washington state. The best part of the US. I have been drinking it since i was 3-4 years old. I don't often drink other pops then that. I can drink most pop, but some are just to nasty to keep down. Normal pepsi or coke... I just tell people if they really want to see me drunk they will regret it. Take away my better judgment and all sorts of things could happen...

I accept it. I usually don't drink a lot myself so I am fully understanding. I have all kinds of Pepsi in the house. Are you from the Southern US? That is my choice of drink, diet pepsi, diet mountain dew, root beer, or diet dr pepper in that order.

I like all kinds of tea, diet pepsi, diet pepsi with cherry, rootbeer, java monsters, cider because it burns going down not because of how it taste, i dunno a lot of stuff. I just dunno why im the talk of the party because i don't drink. People do not want to accept it.

Zeg, It has to be VERY cold.

I love Aronin Dew... He is one of my favorite people because no matter what he keeps it real with me.<br />
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Ar, I would never ask you to drink. I have lots of kool aid and soda in the house, as well as water and milk.

"weird" is good. WYRD is better. <br />
<br />
How lucky you are to be between Arorin and Dewduster! <br />
<br />
You attract interesting people...Dew

I just don't drink. Drinking responsibly isn't very high on my family members list, so i just don't do it. I don't know why but people find it really important to try and get me to. I can play any sport and have competed in most all of them, but watching them is just boring.

I don't normally drink myself, except during football games, and only when they are being watched at my house. I don't go to the game live and drink, and I don't go to other person's homes and drink either. I am weird like that.

I don't drink but corona smells bad. Just like red wine and dark beers. All smell bad.

LOL, you are a naughty boy Dew. I usually sip, but to be quite honest I have had most of that bottle top in my mouth when dared to do so. lol

Do you gently let the bottle touch your lips and sip? <br />
<br />
Or are you one of those women who "innocently" push the end of bottle deep into there mouths and gulp?<br />
<br />
I am just trying to picture this beer whole drinking thing...Dew

God loop, did I post that story here? omg I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it. lol <br />
<br />
MMMM, well I will buy some limons (cross between lemon and lime) and compromise with you.

But remember once the lime goes in, you should leave it there.