Whether it is my masochistic personality, my submissive personality, or just my love for the way corsets make a woman's body look, I have loved them ever since I was little. I have never owned one though. I have had very few dresses in which corsets were built into the dress, but I have never owned an actual corset, and how I want one so badly. I don't have that "hour-glass" figure, never have, and most likely never will, but I have always wanted it and I know a corset would help me reach that goal :). I don't have the money to purchase one, and more than likely won't until another year or so. I want it hand-made, hand-crafted, custom-fit, with the materials and boning that I choose, so I know my dream corset will be quite expensive. I want at LEAST 7, maybe more and I know I'll have to keep on getting them made until I find the right shape for my body that I like best and stay with it :). The only problem that I have come across is that I have no idea who even makes corsets anymore!? I'm sure there is someone one out there who makes them, and I'll pay whatever price to have mine made, but for the time being it is only a dream.
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Hi, there is a company that I know that still custom makes them, they are called fairy goth mother Good luck with your search

Awesome! Sounds pretty promising to me! :)

go to absolute corsets on the net, you may find cheaper corsets else where but this site shows how and where to take measurements.Contacts actuly has a ph number with a real girl who I think wants you happy with your new corset.

Awww thanks so much! :) Great advice and great insight on the whole subject! :D

Being a submissive with masochistic tendencies doesn't necesseraly have something to do with liking corsets or wanting to wear one.<br />
When you want to walk down the path of restriction corsets, or 'punishing' corsets especially built to give the wearer some form of discomfort, those have more to do with the nature of the person wearing them.<br />
Of course, every corset worth that name is slightly uncomfortable when worn right.<br />
When willing to wear severe corsets, you'll probably will have to go through a couple of training corsets too. Corsets which aren't as uncomfortable at first, but which make the body adapt to the restrictions a corset imposes on the body. After all, when cinching your waist severely, your body needs to adapt on the inside as well as on the outside.<br />
So, you need to 'crank it up', so to speak, step by step...<br />
I can only wish you good luck on your quest and hope you'll get where you want to be, with a partner who understands you and cherishes your inner needs...


Haha, then don't read what we write silly :P

Ah, excellent :). I want it to be hand made, I wish I knew a tailor.

To find corsets try look in internet with search words:<br />
vollers corsets<br />
axfords corsets<br />
they both have extensive range of nice corsets and instruction how to measure and size one for you.<br />
I also like to wear tight corset.

I believe they are too :)

Haha oh right :P. -feels stupid- Well now I'll have to go look at some tags :P. I'll comment when I get back home and can actually look XD.

Darling I think you need to know them to see what size clothes you wear?<br />
<br />

I honestly don't know my measurements...I suppose I should figure that out huh? :P

I honestly don't know my measurements...I suppose I should figure that out huh? :P

Darling if you live in Georgia then you should be able to Goggle it and find all the different corsets you want. I was in a site the other day that completely described all the different ones and how they were made. May I ask what your measurements are. Love Samantha