My First

YEARS ago I had a bf who was verrrrry supportive of my chosen lifestyle and for an enormous surprise he picked me up at work one afternoon and said he had 'a little something to show me.' We arrived at a local corset shop, walked in, and there were about 3 giggling sales girls - who clearly had a 'little secret' of a joke. Out came a drop dead gorgeous under-bust , with an embroidered chinese silk front - that my lover had ordered for me. Of course, the deal was, I had to try it on and see how MUCH pulling and lacing I could tolerate. It must have been QUITE the scene - me in my work-slacks and androgynous pumps (girls, it takes LOOKING to find pumps that don't FREAK out other men when they look down at your feet!) - and corset - surrounded by the girls and my always over-the-top flamboyant boyfriend! I'll tell you, over the years, I suspect I've spent thousands of dollars in that boutique!
berkeleygurl berkeleygurl
26-30, T
Aug 3, 2010