Happiness Is Corset-shaped

It was around 1999, I think, when a good friend of mine who was somewhat into the Goth scene, was instrumental in transforming the corset in my eyes from a rather archaic Victorian undergament to a hot sexy fashion item. And who was also intrumental in persuading me to try one - although (and I'm sure she realized this) I didn't take much persuading!

At first it was just a bit of a fetish interest for me - and not that there is or was anything wrong with that. But coincidentally I then became involved with a body modification community site, and realized the full extent of the corset's potential for moulding and shaping the body - my body, in fact - into the way I wanted it. At first I had bouts of lacing up pretty regularly, interspersed with periods of letting the habit lapse and undoing most if not all the good work I'd done.

Determination finally took over, though, and I'm now 'properly' corseted - and I love it. Like pretty much everyone else who's tried it, I at first found the restriction, the stiffness and sheer awkwardness of wearing a corset a bit difficult to get used to. But that soon passed. I really enjoy the thrill of pulling my laces just a little bit tighter every few days, and the feeling of always being firmly held - and supported - in the grip of my tightly laced corset. I look in the mirror and somewhat narcissistically admire the slim hour-glass shape of the figure looking back at me. I feel very sexy and submissive when I'm all laced up, too - though I daresay a taste for bondage has more than a slight bearing on that! Whatever the reasons, whatever deep-down bits of my innermost psyche have been triggered, I adore wearing a corset.
61-65, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I agree that being tightly laced is an experience that no one can ever forget. Like you I have tight laced on a daily basis and as you say wearing corsets full time takes a little perseverance and dedication. Seeing ones own image in the mirror with a lovely small waist is very exciting I do agree.