Corsets Put Your Breast Chest Forward and Give a Hell of a Rear View!!!

Even before Dita Von Teese made them fashionable again I have always loved the corset.

Corsets are instant posture correction making a woman stand taller and thrusts the bottom and bust out giving a woman a feminine and curvy shilloette (sp?).

They also eliminate a problem area for most women by tucking in and hiding the tummy so no fear of "muffin tops" which makes a woman feel much sexier.

I also love how they push the breasts up and make them rounder enhancing cleavage defying gravity.

Then there is how they feel when you wear them.  You just feel sexy, supported, you know you are putting your breast chest forward and you have a hell of a rear view!  The restrained feeling is something else that I just cannot describe! 

My only wish is that a woman could put them on without help sometimes...women might wear them far more if that were the case.

Seanachai Seanachai
36-40, F
3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Very attractive. Sexy

Love a lady in a corset they look so good tall and sexy

Love to women standing in this posture.It gives the feeling of somewhat exibition inside the clothes.Do you understand what I meant?