But Am Too Shy To Participate

I love cosplay but I don't have the guts to actually do it. I almost did it once, (a friend asked my to join him to a function) I actually had a Zatanna outfit ready, I was even going to get my hair dyed black but in the end I chickened out. My reasoning to my friend was that I couldn't afford to get my hair done and that I don't like wearing wigs, lame, I know.
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5 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I'm the same! I was gonna go to a function with a friend but last minute said I couldn't afford it :L

The best thing about cosplay is you can be whoever you want.

You should just go for it :) It's really fun! :) if you're too afraid to rock it out in public to go to Comic Con, just do it in Comic Con :) It's much easier :) Also, you shouldn't listen to what people think of you or what you look like while Cosplaying, just rock it out XD

It is a lot of un you should try it. People get a kick out of seeing you all dressed up. Some of my friends think its weird, but guess what, I am married to a beautiful asian girl that likes to dress up and the are married to fat bitchy women. Who has it better?

I say just do it. take a deep breath (several if needed) and just go to the con in cosplay. The first time I did it I was really nervous, but I had a friend with me so I was a little relaxed. Everything turned out fine and have now been cosplaying for 3 years. Going to two or three cons this year as opposed to one the other years.
Point is, don't worry and don't be afraid. You'll have friends with you so you shouldn't chicken out.