A Day In Pantyhose

It has been many years that Jessica has been suppressed. She went away to save a marriage and rid herself of all her femme clothes, pics, mags, make up, wigs, and toys. I cannot say why, but this year she is fighting to come out again. Wife does not approve or encourage, and doesn’t know at this time how Jessica is feeling so she has to enjoy her femme self in small doses in private and enjoys chatting about her stolen moments and feelings with her girlfriends here. For right now this is all she is capable of and only has a couple of femme clothing items. She enjoys chatting with women, shemales, and transvestites.
With that said, yesterday on the way into work Jessica stopped at the local walmart and bought a black stretchy thong and some black control top pantyhose. Upon getting to to work she went to the restroom and put them on under her male jeans. She has definitely missed that feeling immensely. She loved the way everything was tucked in tightly keeping her in a constant state of arousal. She also enjoyed it when she would see other women in the office wearing black pantyhose thinking that she was wearing the exact same thing as they were, often wondering what would happen if she told any of those women. With every step taken it was like hundreds of tiny fingers were massaging her legs, crotch and butt. It was especially arousing going up stairs as the nylon rubbed against the back of the mens jeans giving her *** a loving rub with every step. In this state Jessica also had to make certain she sat down to pee with every visit to the restroom, just like a real woman would, and totally enjoyed the retucking process everytime.
It was just like every other day at work, but underneath Jessica was happy again. She thought what it would be like to be wearing a skirt, feeling her thighs swishing lightly against each other and feeling the cool air from the a/c brushing against her nylon covered **** and *****, oh how that would feel good. Someday she may get to experience it and hopefully with some of her girlfriends she has made online.
Time to head home and the wife calls and has to work a little late. So we have a small window of opportunity here for Jessica to have some fun. Before leaving work she downs 4 big glasses of water and some cranberry juice. The ride home is a struggle to hold everything in, yet feeling so hot and excited driving home. When Jessica gets home she takes off all her man clothes, and goes into the spare room where there is a giant mirror. She pulls on a pair of really short cheerleader shorts and admires her sexy legs and *** in the mirror, so sexy, so feminine. She starts rubbing herself thru the gusset of her pantyhose, getting truly all hot and bothered, wishing she could be totally in femme gear, clothing, make up, wig, the whole deal. Now she’s getting a bit desperate, she only has a little time left, and she now needs to pee real bad.
It’s off to the shower and she just makes it in before she feels a little squirt, and her crotch is damp. Still rubbing, still trying to hold it in, she is not successful and soon a hot stream is flowing all over her **** and *****, filling her pantyhose with the golden liquid. Now it is running down her nylon clad legs and pooling in the drain of the tub. With her legs weak now she sits down letting the pee cover her *** now. Rubbing harder, squeezing her thighs together over her hand now, rocking and moaning she takes the middle finger of her other hand, licks it, then sticks it into her hot *****. MMM, such a feeling, then she shudders, and climaxes, filling the back of her pantyhose and thong with sticky hot white juice. Still in the tuck position the *** is just near her *****. She takes that middle finger she smears it thru the crack of her ***, taking a little of it, then sticks it into her *****. She has just imagined that one or more of her best girlfriends from this site has just *** in her *****. What’s left of the ***, she takes and rubs into her breasts paying special attention to her rock hard nipples, somewhere she heard a rumor that that special white juice makes them grow. Whether or not it’s true doesn’t matter, it feels damn good, especially when she pushes them together and drips the *** into her cleavage.
Next she gives herself a good spanking. Five good hard whacks on each of her black nylon covered bubble butt cheeks because she has been such a naughty girl, messing up her clothes and enjoying herself in that manner.
Now she is spent and it’s time for clean up. Still dressed she turns on the shower feeling the water cascade over her nylon covered lower half and covers herself in sudsy bodywash. Eventually the femme clothes come off.
What a day, what an adventure. Someday maybe she’ll have someone to share these moments with in person for now Jessica has to steal a few moments here and there, but can chat here about them.

Until next time, Jessica wishes all her girlfriends lots of sexy wet dreams!!!
51-55, T
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that was so good i was almost there with you