Childhood Fun!

Ah, I haven't had this stuff in a LONG while! The last time I had cotton candy... I think I was 15... or maybe 16? It's been a long time! XD

I use to have this treat every weekend, when I was a kid! I always loved it! And found out the hard way, as a small kid, that even though it looks and feels like cotton, it's still candy... so placing it in your coat pocket isn't a good idea! =p

I would love some now... but it's too cold to go outside and brave the stores for it! Not many stores carry it, so I would have to visit many. Maybe when the weather gets warmer! :-)

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Reading your story made me want some cotton candy. And I have to say, personally, I never did try putting it in my pocket. That I remember, anyway.<br />
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We used to have a machine at my house that made cotton candy. It was a little tiny bit at a time (I think it used a tablespoon of sugar), but we had so much fun with that thing. I wonder if the college bookstore sells cotton candy...