Ephiphany O

So I was really tired the other night and I had not been wearing anything but undies to bed. I had been keeping the ac on all day @ like 71 so I was kinda cold. I took a really hot shower and it felt like my soul had been renewed. Then I put on my pajama pants that I hadn't worn in awhile and I suddenly realized how soft and comfy they were. Today I am grateful for soft cotton pajama pants.
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I have one pair with cartoon stars and moons and another that are pink pin stripe....I think they do that on purpose so people won't go grocery shopping in them.

Oooh! I feel the same way.I love them.I just wish I could find some w/o cartoons or look like old lady's.Solid colors would be wonderful!

hmm... you must be from the uk.....we don't say knickers. This wasn't a sexual story, I really am grateful for cotton pjs. Small things sometimes can be good.