Nature Is Naked. Enjoy Nature Naturally

B-mom is the twin sister of my mom I lost in an accident. I lost my dad too. B-mom took care of me when I was a little boy only 5yrs old.

She is a lovely lady, very pink and cute in her walk and looks. She loved me dearly, but basically she has been a strict disciplinarian.
It was my 18th birthday. B-mom suggested going out for a picnic. We came across a beautiful a country lake. I told mom why not we get a dip into this beautiful lake?
First she agreed then matter-of-factly said, we haven't carried any swimsuits. Anyway she stopped the vehicle and beckoned me to walk down the walkway down to the lake. Mom was in a cheerful good spirit, she pointed her finger to show me a sign board. " Nature is naked. Enjoy nature naturally ."
The billboard suggested only those preferring go nude or for skinny dipping need walking down that area. Mom laughed loudly telling “it seems they welcome us to celebrate your birthday here”.
It was the beginning.
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I think it's lovely ..

Nice beginning!